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Know about the life of High Priced Prostitutes in India

Updated: Jun 14

Red Light Area in Bangalore

In India, prostitution is illegal. Still, nongovernmental organizations peg the number of sex workers at a huge number, with the majority being forced into the industry due to extreme poverty. The virus that causes AIDS is also widespread among them.

Many well-educated women from middle-class backgrounds who view prostitution as a profitable business and even an attractive career make up the majority of expensive and gorgeous escorts. Get the independent call girl in Bangalore with photo at Call Girls in Bangalore. The Escort service in Bangalore showcases real pictures and poses proper professionalism.

Bangalore model escorts are gorgeous and will not let you forget the time spent with you. The rise in upper-class prostitution in India focuses on the changing status of women in a society that is actually rooted in conservatism, as well as the wealth of those who can afford to engage such prostitutes in their lifestyle. Indian women are still required to follow rigid societal and conservative rules and cover up in public. Premarital sex is talked about, and Bollywood films hint at it but rarely really show any kissing scenes in it.


High-end Prostitution in India as a Market

There are two persons involved in the center of prostitution, but it's unclear who the victim is and who is the offender. Actually, it is in the best interests of the customer and the prostitute to make every effort to locate one another in any way. Due to this, prostitution functions similarly to a market in that it is made up of buyers and the one who sells who cooperates to complete a transaction in order to profit both parties.


When one considers prostitution as a market, interesting questions and concerns arise, yet the economics of this specific business has received actually little attention.

Several concerns arise such as:

·         How do the prostitutes and the customers meet?

·         How much are the prostitutes charging for their service?

·         Why is the prostitute involved in such a business?


High Priced Escorts in India

Going deep into the lifestyle of high-priced escorts


The high-priced prostitutes and their professional standards in high-end prostitution are actually sent to this profession either due to need or greed.

Due to the countrywide lockdown earlier, sex workers are unable to provide for their families or make rent payments for them. Because they lacked the necessary paperwork needed for it, many of them were unable to take advantage of the Public Distribution Service's benefits in their lives.

Even though the food has been dispersed among a few locations in India, it is insufficient when given out sparingly and occasionally in some households. They are in danger of being homeless due to their lost livelihoods and the government's lesser assistance. These prostitutes are harassed by the owners of the brothel, who are shunned by society and disregarded by lawmakers. They are more likely to have STDs if they are not educated and informed of the risks involved in this business, and being stigmatized prevents them from accessing adequate healthcare for them.

While HIV testing is advised for the general public in cases of recurrent fever, symptoms of tuberculosis, or sexually transmitted infections, it is frequently required of sex workers seeking medical attention even in the absence of STD symptoms, and testing may even occur without the consent of the sex workers. Law enforcement authorities have the potential to exploit sex workers by unlawfully abusing them sexually and molesting them.

When police raids occur in the brothel to check everything, brothel proprietors use bribery to get rid of the situation in their way. Children who reside in Red Light Areas also live a very difficult life. They are mistreated and subjected to discrimination as a result of the stigma associated with the occupations of their mothers. The rights of sex workers need to be protected because they are one of the most stigmatized and marginalized groups in the country.



Organizations like the "Coalition Against Trafficking in Women" do not support the decriminalization of sex work in India because they believe it to be indecent and not right. Another argument made for decriminalization is that it would encourage human trafficking since legalizing sex work can raise demand for it in society, which could then fuel an increase in trafficking to satisfy the higher demand of the people.



There seems to be an endless dispute surrounding the legalization of sex work in India. It is crucial that sex workers participate in the decision-making process made by them by sharing their opinions and relaying their stories while laws and policies pertaining to the industry are being framed in different ways.

Some of these women are mothers at work who are willing to work as prostitutes for the rest of their lives so that their kids can get a better life and they are proud of the work that they are doing.

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