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Testicle Massage has numerous health benefits, not to mention the great feeling that comes along with it. Most men neglect their testicles and this can lead to a multitude of health problems; let a professional testicle masseur see to you, relax, lie back and prepare for a very special experience!

There's plenty of reasons to book in for a testicle massage in Bangalore, however, I feel that the main reason to take part in this ancient art is to experience true bliss, as it was intended. Feeling one of our models give you a testicle massage will certainly be the highlight of your day and I'm certain that after your first booking you'll be looking forward to taking part again!

Every man wants to perform well in the bedroom and testicle massage is one great way to enhance your capabilities as a male. Whether it's length, girth, rigidity or how much semen you produce, testicle massage has a whole host of health benefits which should be taken seriously to any man interested in self-improvement, or any man who wants to take care of their penile health.


Relax as your masseur applies oils to your testicles and starts to stroke, roll and rub them until you reach the pinnacle of pleasure.

We quite often hear that whilst this massage is obviously very sensual, it's incredibly relaxing and helps you to let go of any built up stress. Quite often people do not receive any relaxing stimulation to the testicle area, and after going so long without "treating the testicles", it's imperative that you take this opportunity to experience something new!

Below you will find a list of health benefits contributed by Testicle Massage:

  • First but foremost, practising testicle massage can help you to spot any early signs of testicle cancer; this can literally save lives!

  • Increases the amount of blood circulation in the testicles and penile region, in turn, this works to increase the quality and strength of your erections.

  • Increases the amount of testosterone produced

  • Frequent testicle massage increases both the quantity of sperm produced and the amount of semen you can ejaculate

  • In combination with other techniques, men can perform natural penis enlargement

  • Increases the size of your testicles, in turn making them appear fuller and hang lower

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